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Phoenix Gold Z1502 Z Series 2 Channel Amplifier 600 watts

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Phoenix Gold Z1502 Z Series 2 Channel Amplifier 600 watts

Intergrated cooling fan regulates amplifier temperature for sustained performance 
- OEM connection ready compatible with aftermarket or original source units
- High level auto turn on powers on the amplifier when an audio signal is supplied 
- 4 way protection circuit :

Thermal / Reversed power / Polarity / Low voltage / Short circuit 

- Heavy duty connector block provides maximum current supply

Product features:

  • Phoenix Gold 2-channel amplifier from the Z series
  • Designed and built to the same standards that a legend Phoenix Gold took the audio industry
  • This amplifier is built for maximum performance with a double non-regulated power supply
  • Power: 150 Watts RMS
  • Power: 600 watts MAX
  • A / B Class amplifier
  • Integrated cooling
  • High Level automatic switch
  • OEM Connection suitable
  • 4-Way Protection Circuit
  • Heavy Duty Connector Block

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