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Soundstorm EVO1500.1 - Mono 1500W Bass Amp

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Soundstorm EVO1500.1 - Mono 1500W Bass Amp

The new EVO Series of Sound Storm Laboratories amplifiers is the stunning result of the evolution of, well, EVOLUTION. Building on the platform of SSL’s most popular amplifier series, the EVO Series continues to deliver outstanding performance and immense power. Research of the market told us that providing a wider variety of monoblock amps in a series is a good thing. We listened; our engineers delivered. 

The EVO Series contains three Class D monoblock amplifiers capable of 1 ohms operation and three full-range Class A/B monoblock amplifiers capable of 2 ohms operation. Additionally, the EVO Series contains one 5-channel amplifier, two 4-channel amplifiers, and four 2-channel amplifiers. Great care was put into the development of SSL’s new EVO Series of amplifiers. 

High quality components are used throughout the series, so that the monoblocks can pound for hours while the multi-channel EVO amplifiers reproduce the full range of the artist’s musical intentions with astonishing fidelity. The EVO Series includes a five channel amplifier, a one-stop-shop of power and flexibility that allows the user to enjoy a well-rounded sonic experience from their subwoofers and speakers powered by just one amp. 

The EVO1500.1 is a powerful, 2 ohms stable amplifier with a variable crossover and a wired remote subwoofer level control. 

Sound Storm Laboratories is committed to maintaining our role as an industry leading provider of mobile entertainment. The SSL product development team devotes vast resources to ensure that SSL remains on the leading edge of industry trends and related technologies while our sales and marketing team works to balance the price/value relationship. These efforts enable SSL to provide outstanding products with unparalleled reliability, durability and performance to our fans at a tremendous value.

1500 W MOSFET Monoblock Amplifier, High/Low X-over, Remote Sub Level Control

Amplifier Class: Class A/B
Technology: MOSFET
Number of Output Channels: 1

Max Power Ratings
Total Power: 1500 Watts
Max Power @ 2 Ohms: 1500 Watts x 1

RMS Power Ratings
RMS Power @ 4 Ohms: 750 Watts x 1

Minimum Speaker Impedance: 2 Ohms
Dimensions: 2.313" x 9.688" x 10"

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