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Sony XM-N502 - 500w 2 channel Power Amplifier

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Sony XM-N502 - 500w 2 channel Power Amplifier

Are you one who sets off on adventure trips to the middle of nowhere? If lighting up your campfire and pitching up a tent is your idea for fun then it’s very likely that you would like some great music to accompany you on this exciting adventure. Which is why the Sony Xplod XM-N502 In-car Amplifier is highly recommended to you. Now, setting up a beautiful adventure zone that is doused in ambient music makes perfect sense. The powerful amplifier will ensure that you music is delivered to you just as the artist intended. It is available at Snapdeal at an incredibly affordable price.


The Sony Xplod line of devices has never failed to impress in not only performance, but also good looks. The Sony Xplod XM-N502 In-car Amplifier is black in colour, to match efficiently with the rest of your in-car audio ensemble. It also matches the interiors of most cars, thus camouflaging itself in a discreet corner, performing like a real rock star all along. The amplifier has all its connections added on a single side. This makes connecting your audio accessories very convenient.

A Powerful Performer

With a power handling that maxes out at 500 Watts, your music can be delivered with the punch it deserves. The Sony Xplod XM-N502 In-car Amplifier leverages a MOSFET power supply and pumps out 150 Watts x 2, 500 Watts x 1 and 210 Watts x 2 rather easily. The rated output power measures 65 Watts x 2, 175 Watts x 1 and 85 Watts x 2. The low-pass filter ranges around 80 Hz at 18 dB. The frequency response rate ranges between 5 Hz and 50,000 Hz.

Clarity of Sound

Thanks to the signal-to-noise ratio of 100 dB, you can now enjoy music with minimum effects of background noise. Your lows, middles and highs can now be delivered with desired clarity, leaving little to no noise being audible to the human ear. The in-built LPF makes sure that all the deep bass sounds are directed towards the subwoofer.


Effective Cooling Mechanism

The Sony Xplod XM-N502 In-car Amplifier manages cooling very effectively. The Automatic Thermal Control feature ensures that the system is well aware of the heat generated during performance. The Efficient Cooling Design quickly dispels any undesirable heat during operation. This ensures that your amplifier does not suffer from heat-based damages and functions smoothly and for a longer durations. This saves not only the hassles of repair but also mitigates possibly high maintenance costs.

Channel Configuration 2ch/1ch
Power Supply MOSFET Power Supply
Maximum Output Power 150Wx2 (4ohm), 500Wx1 (4ohm-BTL), 210Wx2 (2ohm)
Rated Output Power 65Wx2 (4ohm), 175Wx1(4ohm-BTL), 85Wx2 (2ohm)
Low Pass Filter / Slope 80Hz / 18dB/oct
Frequency Response 5-50k Hz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 100dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (1kHz) 0.0005
Line In: Input Sensitivity (V) 0.3-6
Gold Plated Connectors Yes
Current Drain 15A
Load Capability Yes (2ohm)

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