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In Phase SRC6 6-Channel Hi to Low Frequency Converter

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In Phase SRC6 6-Channel Hi to Low Frequency Converter

In Phase SRC6 Active High to Low level Processor

This is the perfect product for those of you who have specialised audio systems and wish to replace factory fitted amplifiers to improve sound quality and output withafter external amplification. The SRC6 will accept two, four or six channels of input directly from your factory fitted car amplifier, the processor will then sum these inputs to give you clean full range audio signal, this processor is a real must. I personally used it on my Audi MMi System which I found nothing worked but this!
  • Ground loop jumper selector
  • Gold Plated RCA connector and cover
  • Power source- 14.4 Volts DC Negative Ground
  • Max Speaker input 60 watts @ 4 Ohm
  • Maximum output level - 9.5v
  • Output gain +/- 12dB
  • Freq Response 10Hz - 22kHz
  • Total Harmonic distortion <0.01% THD at 1V output level
  • Input impedance - 180Ohm
  • Power draw 200ma
  • Remote Output current Max 1A
  • Dimensions 162(w)mm x 150(d) x 42(h)
  • Weight 0.75kGs

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