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Audiovox VME-9315T 7" Motorized Multimedia Center

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Audiovox VME-9315T 7" Motorized Multimedia Center

Audiovox VME-9315TS Multimedia reciever (7") TFT LCD Touchscreen

The Audiovox VME-9315TS is the latest additon to the Audiovox AV range, With very impressive features and great low price, it ticks all the boxes with features starting from front USb connection port allowing you to connect your portable music direct with ease meaning you will no longer have to carry your large CD cases around with you. For the more basic audio devices you can relie on the Front located 3.5mm audio input. The MOSFET powered 4 x 40 watts amplifer produces a great sound quality from even the most compressed MP3 files. Touch screen is very well designed and accurate with the touch calibration mood allowing you easy and quick naviagtion through all the features. The added feature of DVD and MP4 playback ensures your passengers will never get bored with there favorite movie playing on those longest of trips,

Keys Features of the Audiovox VME-9315TS:

  • Front panel Audio/Video Input
  • Front panel USB-Input for potable media devices
  • Automatic switch-on of rear camera mode
  • Navigation Mix mode
  • Entire control of navigation system via sensitive touchscreen (nav103 - optional)
  • Intuitive user interface
  • 44-Key infared remote control
  • One Composite video output for addtional screens
  • Audio/Video Input for game console,Camcorder,Etc
  • Front, Rearand subwoofer line output
  • Subwoofer X-Over adjustable 80/120/160Hz
  • ISO Connection cable
  • Programable volume control per source
  • Touchscreen calibration
  • 2V RMS Line output, all channels
  • Rotary encoder audio control
  • iPhone Ready (audio/Video)
  • 2 USB Inputs
  • 1 x Front AV input
  • Demo Modus

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