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Stinger RKX36B Roadkill Sound Damping Bulk Pack

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Stinger RKX36B Roadkill Sound Damping Bulk Pack

  • Expert level sound damping
  • Aluminum outer layer
  • Self adhesive
  • Easy installation
  • Use on all metal panels, doors, roof, floor, firewall & trunk
  • Kills panel resonance, squeaks and rattles
  • Highest damping vs. weight ratio of any material available
  • Improves overall audio frequency response and bass output
  • 9-Pack: 36sq-ft (18" x 32") noise deadening material

Expert RoadKill Published Specifications

  • Minimum Thickness 0.080in
  • Minimum Weight 0.65bs/ft2
  • Aluminum Layer- 6 mils

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