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Aura APS-R4S 4 Sensors Intelligent Parking Aid - Silver

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Aura APS-R4S 4 Sensors Intelligent Parking Aid - Silver

Aura APS-R4S 4 sensors parking aid

The Aura APS-R4S are flush mounting sensors that come with optional 'wedges' to enable you to angle the sensors if you have a curved bumper at the height at which you wish to install them. The APS-R4S is a 4 recess parking sensor system that will cover the widest of cars giving a professional OEM finish. Included with the 4 recess sensors is a buzzer which gives audible bleeps with increasing frequency as you get closer to an obstacle.

Aura APS-R4S Kit Contents

  • 4 Recess Bumper Fit Sensors
  • 1 Control Unit
  • Audio Buzzer Unit
  • Fitting Accessories
  • FREE Drill Bit (for drilling correct size holes fit the parking sensor)

Aura APS-R4S parking sensors features

  • 4 sensors parking aid
  • Can be used as a reverse parking sensor
  • Or front parking sensor
  • Audible alert
  • Paintable

How the Aura APS-R4S parking sensor works?

The Aura APS-R4S parking aid works by radiating ultrasonic beams covering the area behind the vehicle. The beams are reflected by obstructions behind the vehicle, and re-enter the sensors. The reflected beam information is processed to calculate the distance of the obstruction.

The Aura APS-R4S parking sensors are activated when reverse gear is engaged. As the vehicle is reversed. When the vehicle is less than 1.5 metres from the obstruction the audible alert will emit intermittent bleeps. As the vehicle gets closer to the obstruction the frequency of the bleeps increases.

The Aura APS-R4S parking sensors can also be attached to the front of a vehicle for all-round protection. In this instance the power lead needs to be wired into the fuse box rather than the reversing light so that power is always on when the car is in ignition. We suggest the fuse for the car stereo or interior lights.

Optional Collar Included

This system comes with an optional collar, giving greater flexibility according to the shape of your bumper.  The collar can be used if your bumper is slightly angled up or downwards, to ensure the sensor's signal is still sent out parallel with the road's surface.  If your bumper is vertical, then the collar can be removed to flush-mount the sensors instead.

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