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Soundstream SPLX-152HF 15" 1250W Woofer

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Soundstream SPLX-152HF 15" 1250W Woofer

SPLX subwoofers have been around for several years. Every few years they change to meet the needs of the serious competitor or the hard core fanatic. The new SPLX-HF drivers feature a higher resonant frequency, desirable for many competitors. They are efficient overall and are way louder in the main bass range from 40Hz-80Hz. If you liked the previous models of SPLX, you gotta get your hands and ears on the new HF subs! Louder than ever before, they do it aggressively with the bold Tarantula logo that we all know and love. 
  • Cast Aluminum Frame
  • Dual 2 ohm 3" CCAW Coils
  • Vented Back Plate
  • Epoxy Coated Spruce Pulp Cone
  • Dual NOMEX Spiders
  • Re-cone Kits Available
Soundstream SPLX-152HF
Fs (hz) 35.96
Qms 6.476
Vas (ft^3) 3.052
Cms (mm/n) 0.0794
Mms (g) 247.1
Xmax 13.00
Xmech 19.50
Dia (in.) 13.19
Sd (in^2) 136.6
Vd (ft^3) 0.0606
Qes 0.503
Re (ohms) 2.95
Z (ohms) 4
BL 18.09
Pe (volts) 35v/50vBurp
Pe (watts) 1.25k/2.5k Burp
Qts  0.467
No 0.78
1w/1m 90.95
VC DIA (IN) 3.0
VC (Ohms) DVC2
M-vd (ft^3) 0.298
Cut-out 14.125
Depth 8.375

Recommended Enclosures

High Tuning  
SM 50Hz 3.00 ft³
Round Ports (2)4"x6.5"
Fb 50.44
F3 42.96
Spike dB/Hz 4.41@64.25
MED 50Hz 4.00 ft³
Round Ports (4)4"x12.25"
Fb 50.08
F3 41.44
Spike dB/Hz 4.9@60.86
LG 50Hz 5.00 ft³
Round Ports (6)4"x16.5"
Fb 50.07
F3 40.81
Spike dB/Hz 5.34@57.64
Low Tuning  
SM 40Hz 4.00 ft³
Round Ports (2)4"x8.25"
Fb 39.95
F3 35.35
MED 35Hz 5.00 ft³
Round Ports (2)4"x8.5"
Fb 34.95
F3 31.39
LG 30Hz 6.00 ft³
Round Ports (2)4"x10"
Fb 30.04
F3 28.08



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