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Cobra G193 Modular Car Alarm / Immobiliser

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Cobra G193 Modular Car Alarm / Immobiliser

Cobra G193 Mini modular alarm / immobiliser

Cobra G193 is a mini modular remote control alarm and immobiliser, offering protection to door, boot and bonnet. With ultrasonic protection for the vehicle interior. Cobra G193 also offers automatic door locking and anti-hijack facility.

  • Installation instructions are included
  • 2 High security remote controls with auto learning and fully waterproof
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Single engine immobilisation circuit
  • Immobiliser passive arming
  • Alarm passive arming
  • High power siren
  • Automatic re-armingin case of accidental disarming
  • Panic facility - personal attack warning
  • Perimetric protection by contact
  • Pre-set ultrasonic volumetric protection
  • Electronic emergency system (PIN code by Push button)
  • LED indicator with diagnostic functions
  • Anti hi-jack (programmable in automatic and/or pre-armed mode)
  • Automatic doors locking with vehicle speed sensor
  • Blinker (visual signalling for arm/disarm.)
  • Buzzer (acoustic signalling for arm./disarm.)
  • Universal central door locking output
  • Controlled comfort windows closure
  • Doors closure control
  • Exclusion of added sensors
  • Valet mode
  • Remote control battery indicator (led)

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