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Pioneer RS-D7RII Optical Digital Reference System Control CD Tuner

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Pioneer RS-D7RII Optical Digital Reference System Control CD Tuner

Pioneer RS-D7RII Optical digital reference system control CD tuner

Our first-class RS-D7RII brings sound perfection to life. It combines sophisticated high-end technologies and the most select materials, featuring specially-designed master clock circuits for even greater sound quality.

With a deep black hairline aluminium finish, the RS-D7II is designed for intelligent and easy system control. It connects perfectly with the RS-A9 digital amplifier or RS-P90 digital preamp.

It is this state-of-the-art combination that makes up our Optical Digital Reference system, which is able toreproduce music as close to the original source as possible. Thanks to the optical digital transmission, music signals are transferred precisely from the control unit to the amplifier.

Finally, every nuance can be heard.

Pioneer RS-D7RII features

  • Tuner AM, FM (24 pre-set stations)
  • Plays Your CD collection (including CD-R, CD-RW)
  • Front Panel Rich black aluminium (motorised and removeable auto-flap)
  • White OEL Display Illumination
  • White and Red Button Illumination
  • Remote Control Slide-type (included)
  • Cellular telephone auto muting
  • Optical DIgital In
  • Optical Digital Out
  • Bluetooth Ready via optional CD-BTB200 adapter
  • Radio Data System (RDS)
  • Traffic Announcement
  • Best Stations Memory (BSM)
  • Auto Alternative Frequency Search
  • Auto/Manual Frequency Search
  • PTY Search
  • CD Text
  • Disc Title Memory
  • Track Search/Scan/Repeat
  • Last Position Memory
  • Random Play
  • Balance
  • Fader
  • Source Level Adjuster (SLA)
  • Attenuator
  • Display Off Mode
  • 2 Clock Circuits
  • Highly CD Mechanism stable to ensure noise and vibration-free signal processing
  • Stable hologram technique and laser diode enables the reading of the most subtle music signals; even after continous reproduction and high heat
  • Copper-plated chassis which avoids magnetic-induction noise
  • M2052 damping alloy clamper prevents degradation of digital signal by minimising the pick-up control current caused by disc vibration
  • High torgue spindle motor stables sound quality
  • Hi-bit conversion
  • 70µm thin copper film subtrate for low impedance and large current capacity
  • Custom condenser
  • High-purity OFC power cable
  • Temperature-stable amorphous chocking coil
  • 3 Power Supply Systems for the CD mechanism
  • 4 Power Supply Systems for the control/display/tuner



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